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The market share of mobile devices grows constantly. Smartphones and tablets are used from more and more customers. Internet usage with mobile devices is part of everyday life. The Zenith study 2017 states that mobile internet usage achieved 75% and will grow in the upcoming years.

That means that each solution team must have a strategy how to support mobile devices. For some apps, it is even the best to support only mobile devices.

With the rise of mobile devices, a lot of different technical approaches and frameworks are offered to implement a mobile solution.

The range of mobile solution approaches includes web apps, hybrid apps, and (cross-platform) native apps. The article Native, Web or Hybrid Apps? gives an excellent overview about the different approaches and there is also a chapter on "how to choose the right approach for your situation".

Technology choices/solutions

A wide selection of mobile frameworks are available. The market is very vivid and it is hard to keep track of all the offers.

  • Swift or Objective-C (Native iOS)
  • Java (native Android)
  • React Native (cross-platform native)
  • Xamarin (cross-platform native)
  • Cordova (Hybrid)
  • Angular, React, and Vue.js (Web Apps)

Our projects

The list is a small selection of example projects. There are many more mobile projects at Haufe Group.


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