State Januar 2019

The Chatbot for Haufe Shop has been deployed to productio and is now tested and optimized with real user behavior and feedback. The purpose of the chatbot is, for now, a product recommender. We optimize the bot in a first iteration on our page with real user feedback to head than in a next iteration towards messenger networks like Facebook messenger or Microsoft Teams.

While the set-up of a Chatbot is quite easily done within weeks, the training of a bot is very ressource intensive and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Our Projects

VoiceFirst – ChatBot Stream. Development of a Chatbot for Haufe Shop


Christian Kempter, Florin-Eleodor Faur, Moritz Sherpa


productize | November 2017

State December 2017

Different approaches for chatbots were developed during previous Hackathons. A project for AKA & HCP starts in January, to productize existing prototypes.


Instant Messaging Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. are still on the rise and enjoy a huge popularity regarding communication. To get or stay in contact with our future and existing customers on these platforms it is necessary to use technologies, like the little programs, that are called chatbots.

A definition of a chatbot could be: It is a computer program, designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.

For better understanding see this Video.

On Facebook, for example, already exist more than 100.000 chatbots. These little programs will shape the expectations of our customers in the future more and more.

Furthermore: If you look at the usage and browsing behavior of mobile devices, that are the new „normal“, it’s necessary to find ways to shape user experiences and customer touchpoints beyond our proprietary websites. Therefore chatbots are a great opportunity to deliver extraordinary customer experiences - especially in the customer service and eCommerce area. 24/7.

If you look for example at WeChat, the big Chinese Messenger Platform, you can see the potential. For further information read this.

Different from classical Web-Interfaces, chatbots belong to a new and upcoming category called "conversational interfaces". Classical branding elements like logos, typo, images are missing here or are defined by the messenger service itself. Therefore speech and wording are the driving factors that shape your brand. So everyone who designs a chatbot must keep this in mind.

All FAMA (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple) and many other companies and start-ups offer development frameworks, that you can build upon. But, in comparison to many other topics, the technology itself is not the challenging aspect. The most challenging and crucial factor for success is the design of the dialog and the training the Bot.

Technology choices/solutions

Description of the actual framework:

Our projects

VoiceFirst – Chatbot Stream. Development of Chatbots for HCP & AKA


Christian Kempter, Ioan-Bogdan Cimpoesu

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