Most Haufe Group applications are designed as stand alone solutions. Especially in domains where Haufe Group offers multiple solutions targeting the same customer group, collaboration of the solutions is a crucial selling point. Currently the applications do not fully exploit their potential of collaboration to optimally support customers in their work processes. Solution collaboration starts with a common login includes exchange of data, harmonised user interface and support of useful work processes that are not possible with a single solution.

It is a technical challenge to achieve that goal. Monolithic applications are definitely not the answer. Highly aligned, loosely coupled is a leading principal for the collaboration solution architecture. Small focused applications and teams that provide their business value via API and a set of integration patterns are our approach.

Moving from monolithic, tightly integrated platform products to a portfolio of highly aligned, loosely coupled products requires a different product collaboration paradigm, best described in ‘Building Microservices’ (Sam Newman) chapter on Implementing Asynchronous Event-Based Collaboration. Other concepts would be async vs sync, and orchestration vs choreography, dumb networks and smart endpoints etc.

Technology choices/solutions

  • SAML, OAuth2
  • Microservices
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Event based communication

Our projects