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Technology is the enabler of business process automation (BPA), and it can automate workflows to the point where human intervention is unnecessary. Automation can save time and money, delight customers who no longer have to wait in line for a person to assist them with a transaction, and preclude human error. Companies look to automate business processes that are time- and resource-intensive operationally, that are subject to human error, and that can be accelerated with automated process improvements achievable through machines and technology. If automating business processes speeds product to market, improves revenue capture, or reduces operating expenses so margins can improve if pricing needs to be kept flat, so much the better.

Business process automation: Where it works, and where it doesn't Business process automation

Technology choices/solutions

Examples of next generation business process automation tools are:

And don't forget Salesforce as business process platform for sales, services, marketing processes as well its potential for Haufe Academy as event planning and booking platform. Servicenow is also used to automate business processes.

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