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API Discovery


State Januar 2019

API discovery offers listing and search functionality for available (but possibly unknown) APIs.

At Haufe, an implementation based on was evaluated, but was discarded because of the somewhat fragile implementation and very few updates of the original source code.

Based on the number of APIs provided by Teams at Haufe for internal or public use, the need for an API discovery solution will be reconsidered.


discover | November 2017


The world is moving in a direction where everything will be connected. APIs are a concrete way for apps to communicate and to collaborate. Haufe Group is convinced of the value of APIs and API-Management solutions.

The more API-Management instances we have, the bigger the need for an API Discovery service.

  • Is there already functionality that I can use?
  • How do I find it?
  • How many APIs are there in Haufe Group?

Technology choices/solutions

There are not many solutions available.

Our projects

We started an initiative to install and use for our own purposes. The initiative should be finished in Q1/2018.


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