Service Management



  • In order to realize a professional and high quality Service Management within Haufe Group we use the ServiceNow ® platform. This platform allows us to model all necessary processes for IT Service Management with a strong workflow engine and the possibility of automation for fast request fulfillment.
  • Beside enabling IT-focused service management, ServiceNow enables to implement and optimize workflows throughout the whole company: Enterprise Service Management - e.g. compliant On- and Offboarding processes for employees and product deployment integration into third-party marketplaces.
  • Additionally, To perform Service Level Management, which also is included in Service Management. Haufe Group is able to fulfil its contractual duties and obligations across all elements of the service delivery chain towards its customers.

Relevant for which units.

Service Now is relevant for the entire Haufe Group a global workflow and automation platform. First major adoption was around the complete internal IT management regarding support processes with more than 20.000 tickets per year (service requests and incidents).

Change management is operated from ServiceNow and every DevOps-team is working on the platform: most of them use a completely automated approach.

By widening the span of activities into various directions (see below list of activities), we attempt to realize Enterprise Service Management on a single platform, so that all product, internal services or business applications teams benefit from Service Management activities.s

Technology choices/solutions


Our projects

  • Incident/Problem/Change
  • Service Level Management
  • Facility Management
  • Serviceportal/Service Catalogue >> Request fulfillment
  • ITFM
  • Knowledge Management
  • Event Management
  • CMDB
  • Orchestration/Automation
  • Being the leading data platform for all relevant data related to offered services in operational context
  • IT Service Management/Enterprise Service Management
  • Cloud and provider integration