Public Cloud


State Januar 2019

Over the past year Haufe Group has continued to grow its level and deepness of public cloud service consumption. While we are staying committed to a two provider strategy for public cloud providers, we also gained much higher levels of service usage penetration in those two public cloud environments. The mantra of new products and services for our customers to first explore their realization possibilities in those two public clouds, has become a corner stone of our tech strategy and integrates nicely with the various upskilling activities on how to use public cloud efficiently and securely. In parallel we put intensive efforts into strengthening our cloud governance posture allowing quicker starting cycles of projects in public cloud while still upholding data security, data privacy and other compliance regulations of Haufe Group.
We will continue to invest significantly in the governance framework and additionaly, next to new Haufe Group product innovations based on public cloud, fast track cloud migration of classical Enterprise IT application workloads.


scale | November 2017


The public cloud provides infrastructure like (computing power, storage, network ...) and managed services. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives us the chance to automate our deployments and to maintain our released software versions in a way that was not possible with traditional hosting services.

The public cloud gives us:

  • Flexibility
    Start with a minimal set of resources and grow as needed.
  • Control
    Operate the solutions and immediately have access to monitoring and logging data.
  • Speed
    Deployments are done in minutes. Infrastructure changes can be done by the team.

Cost savings are possible when we use the public cloud infrastructure in an intelligent way and choose the application architecture accordingly. Without public cloud continuous deployment (CD) is not possible for production.

Technology choices/solutions

ICT and CTO agree to support two public cloud providers.

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure public and Azure DE

We have a good business relationship with both Amazon and Microsoft.

Our projects

Some projects have refactored their build pipelines and moved their infrastructure from traditional hosters to the cloud. New projects that use the public cloud from the start.

Some samples:

  • LexOffice
  • Foundational Services
  • iDesk


Esmaeil Sarabadani, Andreas Plaul and many more from ICT or CTO Office