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Data is the raw and unprocessed facts that are usually in the form of numbers and text. Data can be quantitative (measured) or qualitative (observed). Data primarily exists in computer-friendly formats and mostly lives in databases and spreadsheets. Information is prepared data that has been processed, aggregated and organized into a more human-friendly format that provides more context. Information is often delivered in the form of data visualizations, reports and dashboards. Insights are generated by analyzing information and drawing conclusions. Both data and information set the stage for the discovery of insights that can then influence decisions and drive change.

Actionable insights sit at the apex of your data pyramid. An insight that drives action is typically more valuable than one that simply answers a question--especially an insight that makes you rethink something and pushes you in a new direction.

Relevant technologies enabling Business Insights allow for analyzing big volumes of structured and unstructured data to derive deeper customer insight on the cloud. Examples are the Hadoop ecosystem.

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